Hey, Learn Some Facts About Me and The Purpose of This Website

Hey there, I am Dave. Thanks for visiting my website! It is all about online gambling and provides you with all the necessary information to give you a hand with making gambling online an additional income source in difficult times.

For the last seven years, I have been working on cruise ships, beginning as a casino dealer, then as a supervisor. But swiftly the whole life turned upside-down this winter. Just like a lot of other people, I lost my job because of the pandemic and struggled to find a new one. To my regret, the only thing I was good at became of no demand any longer.

That is why I made a decision to use my vast experience of the gambling industry to play at online casinos (I had no opportunity to do this earlier as it was forbidden due to my job contract) and was pretty successful. Very soon, I recognized how different casinos and gambling spots are. I  noticed all their benefits and drawbacks. By the time I took the way to run my own business, I had had a well-defined plan of the excellent gaming website.

In addition to having all the common for all such websites content, my source gets you a lot of insights on how to identify fake casinos from the gambling websites where you actually can obtain good payouts.

Approximately 80% of the principles that I apply when examining casinos are based on my personal expertise and the experience of my close partners who worked by my side at VIP casinos on luxurious cruise ships. Extra info here is obtained from other sources.

I want to thank my gorgeous and talented wife, Victoria, who has designed this website. It would be unachievable without her.

You are always welcome to help me with a donation if you think my content can help you. Here is my Bitcoin wallet number:


Thank you, and enjoy your casino experience! I wish you good luck!