Help Centers for Gamblers in South Africa April 2024

Got a problem with gambling yourself? Maybe someone from your close people experiences any gambling-addiction difficulties? Keep reading to understand what you should do and where to seek help.

Here you can obtain valuable tips and lists of institutions that might help you. Besides, this page offers useful information regarding gambling issues.


For sure, it's much easier to avert a massive problem than to treat it. If you just like to gamble in your free time, be sure you understand these practices in order not to transform gambling from fun to problem:

  • ✔️
    Your free time should be spent more on non-gambling activities;
  • ✔️
    Interact with other people offline more often;
  • ✔️
    Handle your necessary bills prior to gambling to prevent falling into debts.
  • ✖️
    Stop treating gambling as a way to get extra money;
  • ✖️
    Stop having just gamblers as your buddies;
  • ✖️
    Stop concealing your financial difficulties.

If you are in need of confidential help to control your betting addictions, find it here:

Responsible Gambling. The SARGF is a joint initiative between the government regulators of gambling and the gambling industry in South Africa. The goal of the organization is to educate the general public about the dangers of gambling in South Africa.

Tel: 0800006008

Whatsapp/SMS helpline: 0766750710



Not sure whether faced with a gambling-addiction issue? Go through these 10 signs and understand which of them you already possess:

  • 1. Your spendings on gambling exceed what you can afford.

  • 2. You regularly encounter pressure, anxiety, anger, or a sense of guilt.

  • 3. You are attempting to get back funds that you have already wasted.

  • 4. You have discussions with relatives about wasting money on betting.

  • 5. You practically do not have friends except other gamblers.

  • 6. You always deceit about playing.

  • 7. You got no interest in any other business besides betting.

  • 8. You continue borrowing money to play from friends, colleagues, etc.

  • 9. You need more funds to be bet to undergo the same fun.

  • 10. You feel it hard to put a stop to gambling or at least take a break.

If you find some indications on the list being just about you or someone close within your family, it's a moment to look for expert support here:

Gamblers Anonymous South Africa. It is a support group for both men and women dealing with gambling addiction. It is a fellowship where gamblers come together to share their stories and seek help and support on how to stop their addictiveness.

Gauteng hotline: 0606347140 or 0648612994

KZN hotline: 0312074075

Western Cape hotline: 0720558942


Rehabilitation Centres in South Africa | Gambling Addiction Rehab SA. PRC recovery is a licensed treatment center for treating various addiction disorders and among them is gambling. It offers different treatment plans to ensure that their patients get over their gambling addiction problems.

Tel: 0812467452 or 0648612994



Compulsive Gambling Addiction Help in South Africa : Gambling Addiction : Online Gambling. Recovery Direct is a gambling rehab in Cape Town, South Africa. The rehab provides the right support, guidance, and rehabilitation for compulsive gamblers in South Africa. They provide specialized care for pathological gamblers on an inpatient or outpatient basis in secure facilities in Cape Town.

Tel: 0873781330 (8am-5pm)

Whatsapp: 0792357415 (24-7 calls)



Gambling Addiction Rehab Centre South Africa. Twin Rivers Rehab offers a wide range of programs centred around individual and group therapy. The therapy sessions aim to identify the cause of the gambling problem and how well to eliminate it. At Twin Rivers Rehab, you get support from books, counsellors, and peers.

Tel David: +27(0)828633159

Tel Richard: +27(0)722789193



Gambling rehab Kenilworth Cape Town - gambling addiction - Ixande Rehab in Cape Town. Ixande provides professional help for gamblers. Their method of treatment is in-patient. This is to avoid relapse of the patient. They also offer debt counselling when necessary.

Tel: +27 217617348




Look through these sources to get suicide prevention support. Figure out what to do in case you assume someone around you is about to commit suicide.

If you find yourself losing all hopes, why don't you make a single last step and try to work out the circumstances with our help? You are not going to lose anything if you follow the link to find out more.

South Africa Suicide Crisis Helpline

South Africa Suicide Crisis Helpline. This organization provides round clock support to people in South Africa who are in suffer or at risk of suicide.

Tel: 0800 21 22 23, 0800 12 13 14

South African Depression and Anxiety Group. SADAG is a non-profit organization that helps people suffering from depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. The organization helps patients and callers overcome their mental health problems all across the country.

Suicide crises line: 0800567567

Mental health line: 0112344837


Mental Health Services In South Africa | Life Healthcare. They are one of the leading providers of private mental health services in South Africa. They offer treatments for depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorders, anxiety, etc.

Tel: 0112199626


South African Federation For Mental Health - Mental Wellness Experts. The SA Federation for Mental Health is the largest mental health organization in South Africa. The organization provides mental health information and resources for everybody in need of it.

Tel: +27(11)7811852




Betting is among the most expensive kinds of addiction because of being defined solely by the volume of money a gambler can get (earn, borrow, or even steal from others). In case you or someone from your family is already grappling with debts, do not put off the situation any longer. It's today you need to get professional assistance here:

Debt Management – DebtBusters. Debt Busters offer a debt management solution for South Africans struggling to repay their debts. At Debt Busters, you will get help from professional consultants to help you create a realistic monthly debt payment plan.

Tel: 086 999 0606



Debt Solutions | Debt Management in South Africa - Debt Safe. Debt Safe has an efficient debt management program that helps create debt repayment plans for individuals with various debt problems. They help to fix payments in arrears, prevent repossession of your properties, and lowering of monthly repayments.

Tel: 0861 100 999



Intelligent Debt Management | CDC Group. Intelligent Debt management offers in-depth advice to individuals struggling with their debts. They also offer realistic debt repayment structures to people.

Tel: +27(0)113024600



There is the only way out in some situations - to put a stop to gambling entirely. However, what if you can't control yourself and find it difficult to withstand gambling, even if you understand that you can't allow yourself to play any longer? Under these circumstances, you ought to take into account aid from these organizations:

Responsible Gambling | Western Cape Government. The organization helps you with being self-excluded from gambling activities. This means you may get assistance with inquiries regarding the closing of your gambling accounts and get your money back from betting organizations. The services are free, and you can access them 24/7.

Tel: 021 4807400

Fax: 021 422 2614



To finish this article, we suggest you learn these 5 well-known myths about betting. Forewarned is forearmed:

🔔Myth 1. "It is not a problem to gamble in case I can afford it."

Generally, gambling addiction appears to provide many other outcomes besides the financial ones – social, communicational, emotional, etc. Moreover, when it comes to making bets, there is no limit at all. That is why everyone needs to stay cautious.

🔔Myth 2. "My luck changes over time, so I will ultimately start winning."

In fact, the chances to beat the game are balanced on every stage of the game. For instance, although you have already bet on half of the roulette pockets, they yet continue being at the same place. They still have the same uncertainties to come on with the next spin.

🔔Myth 3. "I have problems with gambling only if I bet every single day."

That is not always true. The critical point here to understand is not about how often you play, but rather the unfavourable consequences you undergo. This includes but not limited to problems with finances, marital, legal, social, or psychological issues.

🔔Myth 4. "It is my relatives or friends-gamblers who are to blame."

Quite often, addicted gamblers try to accuse their families and friends rather than discover the addiction's root inside themselves. It is not the correct way of thinking. In case you have a problem gambler within your family or group of friends, do not blame yourself. Seek help for your close person.

🔔Myth 5. "It is simple to identify a gambling-addicted person."

Not really. Most of the problem gamblers negate the issue and try to conceal their addiction outcomes from the people around them.

Get help today!

If you think that you got a problem with gambling or someone around you face the same issues, do not hesitate to seek help promptly. It's always easier to approach the problem while it still did not do much harm. Pick the organization from the list we offer and get in touch as soon as possible.